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I'm going to a show...

In 6 days I'm going to go see Tristan, G. Love and the John Butler Trio. :) How exciting!

I'm actually helping to cover Tristan's part of the show, and I'm helping out at the venue! Totally cannot wait. I'll post up some awesome pictures :)
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ahhh that's so cool! I saw them august 10th and it was AMAZING! since your helping will you get to meet her? I didn't get to see her after the show :(
You did? That's really cool. This will be the first time that I've seen her live so I'm stoked. Yeah, I'll get to meet her soooooo I can't wait! haha....maybe I'll get a picture :)
In Vancouver then?
Cause I'll be there. =)
No, on the 5th in Jacksonville Oregon. lol Are you helping out with the show too? Or just watching?