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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!!!! Before you ask, please check here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/softly_whispers/99143.html

From the tristanprettyman.com official biography:

She'd surf everyday if she could, but with music taking up most of her time, that’s impossible. "I used to compete in high school but not anymore, surfing is my first love, I still try to get in the water at least once or twice a week" says the San Diego singer-songwriter. Having only been playing live for a little less than 2 years now, Tristan Prettyman has already turned down a major record label deal, been on a national concert tour with Jason Mraz & G. Love and Special Sauce, and was recently noted as one of San Diego Magazines '50 people to watch in 2004"

"I didn’t even think about playing music as a living, but one of my songs was used in a surfing documentary…and the response was totally unexpected! People started calling, asking where they could buy CD's and where I was playing. At that time I didn’t even have a CD, I had never even played a show!"

A couple years later, Tristan is finally growing into her sound, building quite a nice following Nationally and winning people over one at a time, "every CD order I send out, I try to write a little note to say thank you, if it wasn't for all the support across the world, I wouldn’t be doing any of this". With a voice as smooth as the sea at sunset, and music made simple...Tristan is definitely gonna have some eyes keeping a close watch on her...both in and out of the water!

On August 2nd, 2005, Tristan released her debut album "t w e n t y t h r e e" through her record label, Virgin Records! Her first single is "Love Love Love" and can be heard via her website. Her CD is available in stores all across the country as well as on the net and on Itunes. Pick it up today! :)