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Give me your ideas please

Hi all I am creating a Tristan Prettyman fansite - Let me know what you think or help me out by sending me some content and letting me know any mistakes.  Thanks.
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The URL in the original post will still work but the new URL is: :)
it would be awesome if someone could get the audio for "Lindsay Goes to Rehab" that TP and Anya Marina had posted on their respective myspaces'
That'd be sweet to get a file of that but if she doesn't put it up for download I wouldn't be able to put it up on my site. Maybe her and Anya will do it at a live show together and it could be taped and put on! Maybe in the future... :)

Or mayybeeeee she could sing a song about Britney now! Maybe a remix to toxic??
Too true. Believe me, if I could buy it I totally would. I wish they would do it live. That would be fab! I'm so challenged. I don't really understand how to dl stuff on there, or get it to a format that I can listen to in iTunes.

Duuude, Britney's stuff is so intense with the kids, IDK if anyone can touch it. But TP's version of Toxic is sweet.
"Duuude, Britney's stuff is so intense with the kids, IDK if anyone can touch it. But TP's version of Toxic is sweet."

True. is awesome! - download the zip file and extract it. You should be able to open it in whatever audio player you have... On the specific site you can also download individual songs.. in the columns i believe it has different file types to download too.. I haven't been there in awhile since there are no new shows.. but you should def look into it - i love her live shows!
Oh yeah, it looks like they have a streaming player there! You can listen to it through your browser!
I had heard about it before when I was looking for Jason Mraz rares, but never figured it out. I don't get it if I want one song. The file types are ( Flac Ogg Vorbis 64Kbps MP3 VBR MP3 )are whack. Me no understand. :(
For Tristan's shows there are 9 shows in MP3 format and a VBR format. MP3 format may be less quality but a smaller size. Look on the left side when you click on a show and it will say Download(help)64Kbps MP3 ZIP (13 MB) | VBR ZIP (38 MB). If you download the MP3s zip file and extract those files it will open in iTunes. I tried downloading the VBR zip and it opened in my iTunes too

If you want to download ONE song look at where they list the songs and where you see all of those formats right click under the MP3 column and click "Save link as" or "Save target as" .. if you just click on it it wil paly in your browser.

So anyways as far as the formats I would go with 64Kbs MP3 or VBR MP3